TJ Wiencek

Joliet, IL

TJ is a charismatic and all around trained dancer with lots of personality. At the age of 10, TJ began his road into the industry. Although just starting off as a hip hop and breakdancer throughout high school, he has pursued training in all styles of dance including ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, lyrical, etc. After high school, TJ moved to Las Vegas continuted his training as well as in Los Angeles. Some of his most successful jobs include dancing back up in music videos, live artist performances, and traveling on tour with NBC's World of Dance. He also worked internationally with Paul Mitchell and lit up the stage with America's Got Talent’s "Illumimate" group working for 20th Century Fox. His ultimate goal is to create a name for himself that he can use to mold the new generation of dancers into respectable, talented people that will then take over and pass on the knowledge that has been passed on to them.