Brandon Esparza and Eric Lopez, co-founders

Brandon Esparza and Eric Lopez, co-founders

Our Story

The idea of building a brand was never on the menu, it was not the intention. We hung out one day expecting to finalize plans for hosting a single open workshop class; 10 hours later we left with what the world now knows as Maverick Dance Project.


With passion and persistence, anything is achievable, even if that means starting your own company at the ages of 16 (Brandon) & 17 (Eric). The two of us were competition dancers with two different studios in the Chicagoland area and happened to meet at one of our competitions. After spending some time together, we wanted to begin teaching together, but little did we know what that idea would turn into.


Being in high school during the origins of our brand was a struggle, considering the fact neither of us even held a drivers license. As time progressed and our life as entrepreneurs propelled into the unknown, we realized the momentum we were building would shortly break boundaries. 


Maverick, meaning an independent minded thinker, an unorthodox individual, is what we instill in the minds of our students. It is not about being the best in the room, but the best version of yourself. No video shoots. No mock auditions. Passion, purpose and guidance are the base of what our views are built upon.


Following our roots of providing education and opportunities to the next generation, while drifting away from the oversaturated market of standard industry intensives, we have been able to gather an amazing team of educators and develop over 25 successful training experiences for dancers from coast to coast.


We have HUGE visions for this company for the years to come and as we head into our third year, we are incredibly thankful for all of those who’ve joined us on this journey. At the end of the day, it’s always so much more than just dance. 


It’s about legacy.


If there’s one thing we’d like to leave the world with, it’s this:

No matter your age or where you come from, any opportunity in the world is yours and the only person that will hold you back from achieving that is yourself. If you want to make something happen, you are more than capable of doing so.


Eric Lopez & Brandon Esparza

Co-founders, Maverick Dance Project