Becoming a Maverick - Brownsburg, IN

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Becoming a Maverick - Brownsburg, IN

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July 28-29 | 10am - 4pm
Sister Act Dance Academy | 1530 Northfield Dr #100, Brownsburg, IN

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Geared for growth, prepare for some serious knowledge.

Your training day includes six dance classes, two self-exploration seminars, a Q&A session with your educators, and more.

This event is open to all ages and anybody who is willing to learn.





1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person.


July 28th-29th, 2018 / Days begin at 10:00 am / Closing reflection at 4:00 pm


Development Classes

Each dance class targets a specific focus point, a key characteristic that adds a piece to the puzzle of a strong, well-rounded dancer. Classes are based on hip hop/urban movement.


- CORE CONTROL : An exercise-infused class geared towards engaging and stabilizing our body’s foundation.

- ISOLATION & INTRICACY : Train your body awareness and strengthen your mind/muscle connection.

- CHARISMATIC DEVELOPMENT : A class focused on utilizing your ability to express emotion through performance. 

- MOVEMENT & MUSICALITY : Learn how to fulfill movement to its fullest quality through reading and texturizing the music.

- CLEANLINESS & INTENSITY : Identify, analyze and expand your range of movement. Get ready to think outside of the box in this one.

- ALL IN ONE : Fuse everything that you’ve learned and apply it to one last class.


"Mind of a Maverick"

Learn how to make the most out of each and every day with our interactive self-exploration seminar, “Mind of a Maverick".


"Artistry Development"

This improv-based session incorporates unique concepts and exercises to strengthen your connection with your inner artistry. Prepare to think outside of the box in this one.


Closing Reflection

After the last class of the day, sit down with our educators for an open reflection on what you and your peers have discovered. Parents are more than welcome to join us as scholarships will be awarded and dancers will perform what they had learned.


PS: Please, feel free to bring along a notebook to jot down notes on what you're learning throughout the day. It is always good to reflect on your thoughts at later points in your life. ALSO, stay hydrated before, during, and after the event along with eating a nice breakfast prior. Being properly nourished will always improve your performance.



Meet Your Educators

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(Co-founder of Maverick, Disney World, DLOW)

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(20th Century Fox, Millennium Dance Complex, CeCe Peniston)

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(Co-founder of Maverick, Disney World, DLOW)

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(Co-founder of Maverick, Steve Harvey, Chicago All Star Team)

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(Chance The Rapper, KeKe Palmer, Ciara)

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(Co-founder of Maverick, Disney World, DLOW)



Event Schedule




Early Bird Registration: $165 per dancer before July 21st

Late Registration: $180 per dancer after July 21st



What is Maverick Dance Project?

Created on a mission to be a positive influence for the next-generation, we promote the development of self-respect, leadership, and serious dream chasing. Our in-studio training events focus far beyond becoming the best person in the room, but instead, to be the best YOU. Programs include in-studio intensives, pop-up workshops, and launching in 2019, hotel conventions.



Please contact us at with any questions or comments and we will happily get back to you within 24 hours!