Julian Ray Carmolinga

Los Angeles, CA

Julian Ray Carmolinga was born and raised in Chicago. At 19 years old, Julian made the move to Los Angeles to further train and become a respectable dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Julian’s passion for dance has been a part of his life since he could remember. After his first class is when he then realized that dance is something he loves, thus will forever be a part of his life.

At the age of 14, Julian enrolled into a private performing arts high school, which directed his source of technical training. There he had rigorous training in ballet, jazz, Martha Graham technique, contemporary, and choreography/teaching. At the end of Julian’s junior year of studies, he decided to expand his horizon by redirecting his focus into a new style of movement: Hip Hop. This led Julian to a dance company in the suburbs of Chicago. While training on this company, master teachers were brought in often to further the students’ education. After taking many classes from many different teachers, he built relationships with the teachers, which then opened up the opportunities to train under them. Those choreographers being Nika Kljun, Cj Salvador, Willdabeast Adams, Janelle Ginestra, etc.  

Although Julian loves dance, throughout working on both dance and choreography/teaching jobs with these choreographers, he discovered a deeper love for teaching and creating. Julian’s source of passion for teaching/choreography comes from both the freedom, and the discipline involved. The freedom of being able to do absolutely anything you want as a choreographer, and the discipline of knowing that you have the power to encourage self-respect, love, and positivity in a classroom. He believes that getting people to understand their worth, and then pushing them to reach beyond what they know they are capable of is the beauty in teaching. To him, the classroom is more than just a dance room; it’s a sanctuary of infinite education in not only dance, but life itself.