Brandon Esparza

Joliet, IL

Co-founder & visionary of Maverick Dance Project, also the creator of this website and the person who wrote this so I'm not really sure what else to say except for thanks for clicking on my name! Here's my official bio though:

Brandon Esparza began competing and performing in hip hop styles at the age of eight years old and received his first teaching job at the age of 14. With a passion for educating the dancers of the next generation, he currently tours studios with Maverick Dance Project - a series of dancer development workshops he co-founded in early 2016. Within his years of extensive training under top educators out of Chicago and Los Angeles, he has competed professionally with Chicago dance team The Puzzle League, appeared on NBC's Steve Harvey, NBC's America's Got Talent, and most recently, the official music video for recording artist DLOW's "Do It Like Me". Brandon strongly influences his students to expand their drive to grow and train under the motive of "progression, not perfection".

Anddd here's a video of 12 year old baby Brandon on the Steve Harvey show!