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It's more than just dance.



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1. an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

What is Maverick Dance Project?


Created on a mission to be a positive influence for the next-generation, we promote the development of self-respect, leadership, and serious dream chasing.

Our in-studio training events focus far beyond becoming the best dancer in the room, but instead, to be the best YOU. 

Programs include in-studio intensives and pop-up workshops.

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An in-studio training experience geared for growth - artistically, physically, and mentally.


No mock auditions. No video shoots. Why?

This is not your typical "industry training" intensive. We strive to create a non-competitive, comfortable class environment where dancers can focus on the discovery of self-awareness and living with a sense of purpose, strength, and guidance.

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Mindset Motivation

Every event includes our interactive seminar, “Mind of a Maverick". This promotes effective life habits and educates dancers on how to make the most out of each and every day.


Focused Training

  • Artistry Development

  • Cleanliness & Intensity

  • Movement & Musicality

  • Isolations & Intricacy

  • Charismatic Development

Maverick Dance Project at Starr Dance Studio

Closing Reflection

After the last class of the day, sit down with our educators for an open reflection on what you and your peers have learned. Parents are more than welcome to join us as scholarships will be awarded.

The classroom is more than just a dance room; it’s a sanctuary of infinite education in not only dance, but life itself.
— Julian Ray, educator

Event Overview

  • 75-minute development-based classes

  • Elite educators based in Los Angeles

  • Interactive self-improvement seminars

Maverick Dance Project Sample Schedule

The Sapphire Room

Beginner / Intermediate
Fundamental Training
Typical Age : 5-9 yrs

The Platinum Room

Intermediate / Advanced
Comprehensive Training
Typical Age : 10-12 yrs

The Diamond Room

Advanced / Professional
Extensive Training
Typical Age : 13+ yrs


We're now scheduling our 2019-2020 studio tour.

If you'd like your city or studio to be a part of the journey, fill out the form below and we will gladly make it happen!


Meet Our Family

Our family consists of dancers and choreographers who are passionate about one common thing - investing in the growth of others.


Say hi! We're here to help.


From us, to you

Covering crucial topics such as analyzing your core values and making the most out of any situation, "Mind of a Maverick" is our personal development resource we created to provide guidance for the leaders of the next generation.

Download "Mind of a Maverick" for free below


Event Media

As we head into our fourth season, it's always a pleasure to look back at the moments that got us here.

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"The only way for you to grow is to truly expose who you are."

Becoming a Maverick Dance Intensive 2018

Sister Act Dance Academy, Brownsburg, IN


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